Corporate Identity Program : First Step of Effective Brand Strategy

2 min readApr 10, 2017


For a meaningful Corporate Brand Strategy or Integrated Branding project, a strong ‘Corporate Identity Program’ (CIP) is the starting point. It is one of the most important facets of branding and marketing. The need for a corporate identity programme arises at different times during an organisation’s life, particularly at points of growth, development and change.

Why invest in a Corporate Identity Program?

Corporate identity is a graphic representation of an organization’s philosophy and its corporate culture.

Corporate identity design helps organizations answer questions like “who are we?” and “where are we going?”

It sends out the message that you are professional, committed to your stakeholders, and serious about your business. A consistent CI ensures your company will be recognizable and remembered. It evokes a feeling of trust among customers & other stakeholders

At Interics Designs, the Corporate Identity Program transcends the design aspect and goes beyond logo and stationery design. We believe that corporate/brand identity is the most important aspect and one of the main pillars of an effective communication strategy.

The Interics Designs’ CIP Formulation Methodology involves a detailed, proven 6-step process that starts at research and ends at the brand identity launch. It ensures synergy of the corporate/ brand identity in every form of media use, regionally and globally. Following are the six steps to a successful CIP:

  • Brand Evaluation and Research
  • Corporate/ Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Identity Design Creation
  • Corporate/ Brand Identity Launch & Standardization across media
  • Corporate/ Brand Manual Creation (CIM)

Principle triggers for undertaking a Corporate Identity Program include the launch of a new organization; merger and acquisition; diversification; re-launch or repositioning; changing corporate culture. At such crucial junctures in an organisation’s life, it’s important to go to a specialist with the experience and expertise you can trust.

Interics Designs is such a brandstrategy and graphic design agency in Pune, India, who can help you establish a strong visual brand through corporate identity. A well established integrated branding and corporate communications agency in India, with skills built up over almost 3 decades in business, we offer holistic Brand Identity services that include Mission & Vision Statements; Name Development; Tagline Creation; Logo Development; Brand or Corporate Identity Manual. Our skills also extend to Creative Development of your identity across other essentials that include stationery (letter-heads, business cards, etc.); marketing materials (catalogues, promotional flyers, e-publications, emails, websites); products and packaging; signage (for your office, outlets, vehicles, etc.); even space branding in offices, factories, stores, etc.

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